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Stocklots? Topbrands has the solution

Manufacturers regularly turn to us when faced with surplus merchandise (stocklots). This might be due to shelf life issues (best-before date), new packaging, shop returns or non-budgeted overproduction.


As these products cannot be sold via the regular retail channel, we offer them to alternative channels. We also buy up stocklots of brand products, offering a total solution to the manufacturers: advice, stock management, distribution and cash/liquidity.


Win-win situation

We provide our partners with solutions to their stocklot-related problems.

We create opportunities to discretely sell these A brand products, both nationally and internationally, through alternative retail channels. A key issue here is to ensure that such sales do not negatively impact on the image of the products and our suppliers’ relations.


Furthermore, we obviously want to avoid unsettling the existing retail market.

We therefore seek out sales channels outside the regular retail outlets, striving for continuity and quality. We create a win-win situation for both parties: a competitive advantage for the retailer in the alternative channel and increased turnover for

the manufacturer.


Our permanent product range

We have entered into robust contractual agreements with several top-shelf brand suppliers. Based on these agreements, we offer products from a manufacturer’s range on a permanent basis. This allows the manufacturer to tap into extra sales channels and boost turnover. This is the perfect solution for excess inventory of special editions and packaged goods that are unavailable via the regular retail channel, for example.


We offer you products in the following categories:


Personal Care Products

•  skin- and hair care products  •  cosmetics

•  oral hygiene products  •  perfumes


Household Cleaning Products

•  detergents  •  cleaning products  •  dishwashing detergents  •  airfresheners



Feel free to contact our sales department for an up-to-date overview of our product range or a customised offer: T. +31 (0)186 577 188  •


Sorry, we do not sell to consumers.